Statement and Commitment to Anti-Racism


Columbus Arts Marketing Association (CAMA) cooperatively markets and promotes the arts and culture in greater Columbus.  We envision a community where the arts thrive and the participants grow.  We can only achieve this by acknowledging systemic inequities, refusing complacency, and working together toward anti-racist goals.

CAMA strongly condemns all acts of racism, including those borne out of the complicity of unchecked and unacknowledged white privilege.  CAMA stands with those pursuing justice and equity for Black lives and people of color.  The art sector is not neutral in systemic discrimination and institutionalized violence, bearing equal responsibility in perpetuating this system.

We acknowledge our own history and privilege as a predominantly white association with white leadership.  We have long struggled to be inclusive and mindful of providing access to members, regardless of size and discipline.  We must now be intentional about reversing white privilege and better serving Black, Indigenous, and people of color.  We all have personal work to do to understand our intersecting privileges more fully.  As a group, we seek to listen, learn, change, and grow. 


Words only matter if they are followed by real action.  We all live, work, and experience personal spheres of influence.  This is what CAMA challenges ourselves to do to combat racism and inequitable systems.

  • Reviewing by-laws and governance documents to critique inequities and revise for inclusive and anti-racist motives;
  • Adding “Social Justice & Equity” to executive committee meeting agendas;
  • Listening to membership and the community as guides for opportunities and better practices in supporting social justice for Black, Indigenous, and people of color - but not expecting them to do the work for us;
  • Revisiting membership benefits to better support all artists and arts organizations, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and those who amplify their creativity and value;
  • Revisiting professional development scholarship guidelines to provide meaningful support to our community;
  • Curating member meeting content to intersect with anti-racist topics in order to support members in their effort to change internal practices and better serve diverse audiences;
  • Identify and engage businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and people of color as vendors, venues, and partners;
  • Encouraging and supporting Black, Indigenous, and people of color as members and leaders in CAMA;
  • Advocating for and amplifying Black, Indigenous, and people of color artists and arts organizations in the greater Columbus region; and
  • Supporting our member organizations in their social justice and anti-racist endeavors with resources, meetings, and other content. 


This is an ongoing effort, which depends upon the steadfast commitment of all those associated with CAMA - executive committee, members, presenters, and partners.

We will not reach all of these goals immediately, and we will make mistakes.  We will not be dissuaded or discouraged, but continue learning and working.

If you have ideas, feedback, questions, or would like to join CAMA in this work, please email Erin Hoppe at

You can also submit a comment anonymously via this Google Form,  

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